Going out for a hot or cold drink is part of almost every culture. But we're starting to realize that all of those cups, straws, and lids can harm the environment if not properly cared for.

That's where these innovative new foodservice products from Joinease come in. Here are the many ways in which they help the environment:

  1. They're reusable so you can take them home and use them over and over. 

  2. They use 20-25% less fossil fuel-based plastic than standard polypropylene (PP) products.

  3. They generate 16-20% fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than standard PP.

All three are made from a BIoBlend Resin that's around 20% NuPlastiQ and 80% standard polypropylene. NuPlastiQ is a 100% natural, renewably sourced, plant-based biopolymer. In fact, NuPlastiQ contains 100% USDA Certified Biobased Content.


What a great way to enjoy your drinks while doing your part for the environment!

White Noise

 How to Reuse & Reduce Your Drink Cups.