Our proprietary processses turn widely available carbohydrates such as corn, potatoes, and cassava into wildly desirable plastics that increase
both functional and environmental performance.


iQ (NuPlastiQ) BioPolymer can reduce your use of fossil fuel-based plastics and enhance the functional and environmental performance of your packaging or products.

Added Strength That Allows for Downgauging

A BioBlend XP High Performance Resin made from 75% LLDPE film and 25% iQ (NuPlastiQ) BioPolymer exhibits significant improvements in Dart Strength versus a typical 100% LLDPE film.


Improved Post-Industrial Recycling Performance

Our studies show that the strengthening characteristics of iQ (NuPlastiQ) BioPolymer when used to produce recycled plastic resins can often result in significant performance improvements that enable more production cycles, and thus longer life, for these recycled materials.

Recyclability Performance.png

Shelf Stability

Our studies also indicate that BioBlend XP Resins are shelf stable, maintaining Dart strength for at least 3 years.

Shelf Stability.png